4.4 Crawler configuration, start and stop

4.4.1 Spider

Spider is crawler start entrance. Before starting the crawlers, we need to use a PageProcessor create a Spider object, and then use the run() to start. While other components of the Spider (Downloader, Scheduler, Pipeline) can be set by a set method.

Method Description Examples
create(PageProcessor) Create Spider spider.create(new GithubRepoProcessor())
addUrl(String…) Add initial URL spider.addUrl("http://webmagic.io/docs/")
addRequest(Request...) Add initial Request spider.addRequest("http://webmagic.io/docs/")
thread(n) n threads open spider.thread(5)
run() starts, blocking the current thread of execution spider.run()
start()/runAsync() asynchronous start, continue with the current thread spider.start()
stop() stop crawler spider.stop()
test(String) crawl a page to test spider.test("http://webmagic.io/docs/")
addPipeline(Pipeline) add a Pipeline, a Spider can have multiple Pipeline spider.addPipeline(new ConsolePipeline())
setScheduler(Scheduler) Settings Scheduler, a Spider must have at a Scheduler spider.setScheduler(new RedisScheduler())
setDownloader(Downloader) Settings Downloader, a Spider must have at a Downloader spider.setDownloader(new SeleniumDownloader())
get(String) synchronous calls, and direct access to the results ResultItems result = spider.get("http://webmagic.io/docs/")
getAll(String…) synchronous calls, and direct access to a bunch of results List<ResultItems> results = spider .getAll("http://webmagic.io/docs/", "http://webmagic.io/xxx")

4.4.2 Site

The site itself, some configuration information, such as encoding, HTTP headers, timeout, retry strategies, agents, etc., can be configured by setting Site object.

Method Description Examples
setCharset(String) set the encoding site.setCharset("utf-8")
setUserAgent(String) Settings UserAgent site.setUserAgent("Spider")
setTimeOut(int) set the timeout in milliseconds site.setTimeOut(3000)
setRetryTimes(int) Settings retries site.setRetryTimes(3)
setCycleRetryTimes(int) Setting cycle retries site.setCycleRetryTimes(3)
addCookie(String,String) add a cookie site.addCookie("dotcomt_user","code4craft")
setDomain(String) set up the domain name, the domain name to be set later, addCookie only take effect site.setDomain("github.com")
addHeader(String,String) add a addHeader site.addHeader("Referer","https://github.com")
setHttpProxy(HttpHost) Http proxy settings site.setHttpProxy(new HttpHost("",8080))

Wherein the loop retry cycleRetry version 0.3.0 is added mechanism.

This mechanism will fail to download url back into the tail of the queue retry until the number of retries to ensure that no leakage grasping for some reason the network page.

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